Group Therapy

Before deciding if group therapy is right for you, check out the different types of Groups

Support group

This is a group of people who have similar experiences and concerns and who meet in order to provide emotional help, advice, and encouragement for one another.

Psychoeducational Groups

These groups focus on developing group members’ thinking, feeling, and behavioral skills through a structured learning format within and across group meetings. The group leader provides factual information, leads discussions about it, and helps group members incorporate the information into their lives through skill-building exercises.

​Counseling Groups

These groups focus on interpersonal processes and problem-solving strategies to help people resolve the usual, yet often difficult, problems of living. Like psychoeducational groups, people in these groups are relatively well-functioning but are seeking some kind of personal growth. The primary “work” in the group is accomplished by the group members supporting and challenging each other in self-exploration. The group leader acts as a facilitator more than a teacher, leading the group through a series of developmental stages.

​Psychotherapy Groups

These groups are designed to help group members remediate psychological problems. They deal with both conscious and unconscious problems. Psychotherapy groups are oriented toward the resolution of pervasive, long-term issues and treat more severe psychological disorders. The exchanges among members of psychotherapy groups are viewed as important in bringing about change. Like counseling groups, the group leader acts as a facilitator more than a teacher, but will need to do deeper work than is required in counseling.

​Check out more details about our groups listed below (keep scrolling down).


The facilitator/Lead therapist will do an assessment to determine if group work is a good fit for each prospective member. In some cases individuals may not be appropriate for group therapy due to unique factors and needs of the prospective members.

  1. Social Anxiety and Self Esteem Group- For People who struggle with extreme uneasiness, insecurity and fear of embarrassment in social settings Join Us
  2. Black Women’s Empowerment Group- A group that explores everyday struggles as mothers, wives, friends, partners and life! Join Us
  3. Coping with Immigrant Parents Support Group- For people with immigrant parents and the unique sturggles they face. Join Us
  4. The Boyfriends Group- For the boyfriends, fiances’ and husbands of women who care. Join Us
  5. Slay the Inner Critic and Self Esteem Building Group- For people who ruminate, fixate and obsess over unhealthy thoughts. Join Us
  6. Workplace Microgression and Racial Fatigue Group for Women of Color Join Us
  7. Overcoming Test Anxiety Group Join Us

Current Group offering Tap Into Wellness

What is Tapping?

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a form of psychological acupressure based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional discomforts for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles.

Tapping is a practical tool, yet highly effective.

The black community experience early health deterioration due to the cumulative impact of repeated experiences with social alienation, economic and institutional exclusion, bias, and political marginalization. The wear and tear on the body from chronic and toxic stress on black women is disheartening.

I created this group to help mitigate the psychological and physiological ‘weathering’ effects that most black women endure including toxic work environments, generational trauma, imposter syndrome, a problematic inner critic and so much more.

Join me for my upcoming *5-week group *to learn how I use a culturally attuned Tapping approach to *calm, reset and rewire *your brain and nervous system for optimal functioning and well-being.

If you are interested in this group and want to learn more, please complete the following form by clicking the link.