Gena Golden, Cht, LCSW
Owner and Clinical Director


You can call me Gena and I am a clinical social worker, integrative psychotherapist, neuroscience-informed life coach and hypnotherapist. I specialize in race based stress and racial healing, workplace micro-aggression, intergenerational trauma, spiritual trauma or ‘church-hurt’, social phobias (including test anxiety), sports hypnosis and difficulty managing negative self talk (‘inner critic’).

I received my Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) from Temple University (1991) and my Masters of Social Work (MSW) from Clark Atlanta University School of Social Work (1993).

My post graduate training includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, DBT-Informed, Hypnotherapy, Brainspotting, Tapping (EFT), Integrative Medicine, Somatic Work, Mindfulness Practices and Multigenerational trauma and Liberation Focused Healing in black folks.

My approach is rooted in social justice understood through the lense of multi-generational trauma.

Other useful complementary treatment modalities may include Reiki, Integrative and Energy Medicine, Mindfulness Meditation, ‘Sacred Women’ work, Crystals and Essential Oils.

I have been providing Telehealth counseling since 2018 which has been useful to people who have had difficulties coming to the office because of proximity concerns, transportation barriers, physical challenges, time constraints, social anxiety or embarrassing problems they find difficult to disclose in person.

Additionally, I am licensed in various US states including Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Utah residents.

I also conduct Immigration Evaluations to immigrant clients seeking: Asylum, U-Visa, I-Visa, VAWA and Extreme Hardship waivers.


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