Sharonda Wilson, MSW

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion to help others, especially children and teens. Being a child or teen can be frustrating because they often feel unheard or misunderstood. This population may experience school related phobias, stress, behavioral problems, and mood swings. Sometimes they are caught in the middle of a family break-up, feeling torn about a divorce or blaming themselves for parental problems. Their brains’ are not fully developed until around age 25 years old and they process information from their ’emotional’ brain most of the time. Emotional outbursts, mood swings, poor judgment and questionable decision making can be emotionally draining for parents and caregivers.

I help uncover potential mental health issues, skill deficits, or social problems that may be driving your teen’s behavior. I will provide an emotionally safe and non-judgemental space for children and teens to explore their behaviors, thoughts and feelings. I seek to help them learn to communicate more effectively, new ways to manage behaviors and realize their potential and resiliency.

Ms. Wilson received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Purdue University (2018). She is a 2nd year graduate student at Capella University where she is pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Social Work. Sharonda is a student intern at Inner Coach Counseling, LLC where she receives clinical supervision from Gena Golden, LCSW.

Sharonda offers brief therapy (6-8 weeks) using a culturally-focused Task-Oriented, Strength-Based practice approach.

Clients who elect to work with Ms. Wilson shall agree to provide permission to and understand that there will be case consultation and review for the purposes of clinical supervision and direction by a fully licensed clinician at Inner Coach Counseling, LLC.

Ms. Wilson is available through telehealth only. She does not accept insurance at this time, however, she offers a reduced rate of $45 per session. Additionally, she can offer you a sliding scale fee if you are experiencing financial hardship. Her availability is in the evenings between 6pm-8pm EST and on some weekends.
Please contact her today to schedule your appointment.