The Therapy Fund for Black Folx was created to help raise awareness and funds to ensure that at least 100 Black individuals or families in Georgia who are unable to pay have access to 4 – 6 therapy sessions with a licensed and qualified mental health professional.

In 2018 and 2019 studies showed that African Americans were 20% more likely to experience mental health issues than the rest of the population. However, only 1 in 4 (25%) of African Americans sought treatment for a mental health issue, compared to 40 % of white individuals. Sadly, studies show that 63% of Black people believe that a mental health condition is a sign of “personal weakness”.

However, we witnessed a shift in 2020!

Black people began seeking treatment and support more than ever before due to variables such as unemployment, police violence and COVID related deaths. The deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery (just to name a few) exacerbated the daily toxic stress load already experienced by most Black people. An uptick in intimate partner violence, substance use and suicide were also reported among people of color and the numbers are expected to grow in 2021 and beyond if systemic changes are not made.

Approved recipients of this fund will receive payment vouchers. They will choose a therapist from our network of providers of Black and Brown mental health professionals licensed in Georgia and receive treatment without worrying over the cost of services.

As a DONOR, we ask that you give any amount that you can to Therapy Fund for Black Folx. Remember that no amount is too small! Click here to donate now

We strongly encourage the financial contributions of white ‘allies’, ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘anti-racists’ as part of their commitment to action in the fight against racial and social inequities.

If you are unable to donate monetarily, PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK with your professional or civic organizations, religious institutions, colleagues, family and friends.

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If you are a Black or Brown mental health professional who embody cultural humility, anti-oppressive treatment methods and who prioritize the healing of Black Folx and would like to be added to our network of therapists please CLICK HERE