Rochelle Armstrong, MBACP

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Since 2016, I’ve provided hundreds of international clients a safe space. This has included clients from North and South America, the Arab Emirates, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe. Many of my clients are BIPOC (BAME) active duty military members, military veterans, and military spouses. Others include clients who happen to be LGBTQIA +, including trans and non-binary.

My therapeutic work has materialized in facilitating clients recognizing and dismantling internalized racism, emotional wounds from colorism, including texturism & idolizing proximity to whiteness, and other complexes that can plague the collective and individual psyches of African diasporic subjects. My work also includes unpacking shame around clients' sexuality and internalised transphobia. Said role also allows me to listen, understand, and validate their experiences of personal and intergenerational trauma, systemic oppression, and internalized racism. 

I hope to be one of your safe spaces and facilitate you starting to reclaim parts of yourself that may have been repressed where you’ve not had the opportunity to explore and come to know. 

I look forward to watching you become the best version of yourself and start living your best life yet!

My services are Private Pay (self pay) only. However, my rates are affordable prices. 

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