As a proud mental health professional and board-certified fellow of clinical hypnotherapy, I am affectionately known as the HypnoSistah because I embrace the collective strength and resilience of 'sistahs'—individuals with shared roots and history who always have each other's backs.

You may wonder why the name HypnoSistah.

Well, let me enlighten you. While 'Hypno' refers to sleep, fear not—I won't be putting you to sleep. Instead, my hypnosis technique is designed to help rest your weary body, mind, and spirit, restoring what was harmed or stolen. It's about guiding you to a state of deep relaxation where healing can truly begin.

In our journey together, I draw upon the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors, recognizing the importance of cultural heritage and community support in the healing process. As a black mental health professional, I understand the significance of acknowledging and honoring our shared history and the unique challenges we face in navigating a world shaped by systemic oppression.

My hypnotherapy approach is decolonial and liberation-focused. I seek to dismantle the structures of power and privilege that perpetuate inequity and injustice. By tapping into the subconscious mind, we can uncover and challenge the internalized messages reinforcing oppression, paving the way for healing and transformation.

But don't just take my word for it—here's what some of my clients have shared:

"The HypnoSistah's approach to hypnotherapy is unlike anything I've experienced before. Her reverence for our shared cultural heritage and commitment to liberation shines through in every session. I feel seen, heard, and empowered to reclaim my narrative." - Nia

"Working with the HypnoSistah has been a revelation. Her ability to create a safe, nurturing space for exploration and healing is remarkable. I've experienced profound shifts in my mindset and well-being." - Jamal

If you're ready to embark on a healing, empowerment, and liberation journey, I invite you to connect with me. Together, we can cultivate a future where mental wellness is accessible to all and every individual can thrive.

With love, light, and solidarity,

The HypnoSistah