Past Events

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My Sacrednicity Presents: A Global Womb~Man's Wellness Retreat

FacilitationTopic: Embracing Self Care as a Self Love Practice w/ Self Hypnosis

Virtual Event December 26, 2022

My Sacrednicity Presents: A Global Womb~Man's Wellness Retreat

FacilitationTopic: Tapping Into Wellness: Using Our Fingers To Calm Us Down

Virtual Event December 26, 2022

American Psychological Association

FacilitationTopic: Hurting and Healing From Racialized Stress & Trauma

Virtual Event February 2, 2023

A Therapy That Liberates Lecture

FacilitationTopic: Reclaiming Our Identities ~ Healing Our Histories w/Culturally Attuned Hypnotherapy

Virtual Event September 29, 2023

The Choose Moore Summit

FacilitationTopic: 'Unpacking the Subconscious: How The Inner Critic Can Sabotage Joy'

Virtual Event February 7, 2022

Girltrek: Stress Protest

FacilitationTopic: HypnoLove: Radical Love w/Self Hypnosis

Live Event September 2022

Professional Women's Career Network

FacilitationTopic: Eliminate Your Inner Critic!

Virtual Event March 19, 2022

National Association of Social Workers

Facilitation Topic: 'Hurting and Healing From Race-Based Toxic Stress'

Virtual Event September 24, 2022

Georgia Tech Counseling Center & The Office of Student Diversity Programs

Facilitation Topic: 'Your Mental Health Matters: A Community Dialogue on Diversity, Inclusion, Well-being and Access to Care'

Virtual Event October 28, 2022

Women's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project (WEOP) 2020 Business Summit

Facilitation Topic: 'EFT Tapping for Business Confidence and Success'

Atlanta, Georgia October 21, 2020

Collard Greens Cultural Festival

Facilitation Topic: 'Black Mental Health'

Virtual Event September 26, 2020

Black History Month Conference

The Black Experience in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling

Facilitation Topic: 'Racial Trauma in Black Youth'

Augusta, Georgia

Live Event February 28, 2020

Quaker Voluntary Service

Facilitation Topic: 'Racial Trauma'

Atlanta, Georgia

Live Event January 24, 2020

Inner Coach Counseling, LLC

Holistic Wellness Series

Facilitation Topic: 'Healing Crystals: A Tool For Emotional Health'

2751 Buford Highway

Atlanta, Georgia

August 24, 2019 Live Event 

Women Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project (WEOP)

Facilitation Topic: 'Using The Power of the Subconscious Mind for Business Success'

Atlanta, Georgia

Live Event December 15, 2017

'Ethical and Cultural Considerations in End Of Life Care'

Facilitators: Gena Golden and Maxine Carelock

2751 Buford Highway

Atlanta, Georgia

2016 -

Dress For Success

Facilitation Topic: 'How to Manage Change'

Atlanta, Georgia

Live Events 2014 - 2018