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I call myself 'The Vibrational Midwife' because I assist individuals in giving birth to high vibrations through readings.

I am a student of truth and a teacher of self-love grounded in the blissful intentions of the Universe. The Wellness Industry has been my center for over two decades. It has fueled my passions as a healer and alchemist through the professional roles of Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Instructor, Continuing Education Instructor for Massage Therapy, Reiki Master and Practitioner, Inventor, wellness consultant and Empathic Reader.

My educational background 

Reiki Master Certification (2010)

Reiki Practitioner Certification (2006)

Tarot/Empathic Reader (2006)

B.S. in Business Management and minor in Business Administration from Xavier University of Louisiana (1996)

A.S. in Occupational Studies with a concentration in Massage Therapy from the Swedish Institute of Health Science, New York, NY. (2000)

I believe that you embody an innate power to tune into your true potential and I can help you by providing the following reading types:

Individual Reiki SESSION

$35 for 20 MIN

$50 for 30 MIN

$90 for 60MIN

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that promotes harmony within your TOTAL being - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It can help uplift moods, release blocked energy, promote relaxation, and reduce stress, melancholy, and pain. Reiki generally addresses the whole body, including the seven main chakras. Using the Usui Reiki Method, I can administer it in person (hands-on) and at a distance (remote).

Individual Reiki READING

$70 for 20 MIN

$100 for 30 MIN

$180 for 60 MIN

Chakra Reading 

Assessment (3 Chakras of Your Choice)

The chakra reading is similar to an energetic 'x-ray'. It is a general assessment of the vibrational frequencies of each of the major chakras based on the swing of a pendulum.

$50 for (approximately) 20 MIN

$95 for (approximately) 45 MIN (including all seven chakras)

Following is an overview of some of the qualities related to each chakra.

ROOT Chakra – grounded, courage, survival (work, food, shelter, etc.)

SACRAL Chakra – creativity, fertility, manifestation of dreams, boundaries.

SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra – self-confidence, flexibility, calm disposition, leadership, discernment.

HEART Chakra – self-love/love for others, kindness, forgiveness of self and others, trust.

THROAT Chakra – self-expression, good listening, self-empowerment.

THIRD EYE Chakra – clear vision, imagination, intuition.

CROWN Chakra – Higher Self, faith, wisdom, grace. This service can be administered in person and virtual.

Chakra Balance

The Chakra Balance helps to clear energetic blockages and encourage the seven chakras to flow fluidly, which can help produce an inner state of harmony.

$35 Balance and reset (includes 2 Chakras).

Chakra Balance with Messages 

The Chakra Balance helps to clear energetic blockages and encourage the seven chakras to flow fluidly, which can help produce an inner state of harmony. I am an empath, meaning I receive messages during my sessions.

$70 Balance and reset. Includes 2 Chakras

Tarot Reading

$35 for a Three-card spread (including past, present, and future) as it pertains to a question or situation.

Tarot Reading with a Lil Lagniappe

$95 for 45MIN (approximately)

Topics to explore include:




Health & Wellness

With the help of your spirit guides, angels, tarot, and more, we will uncover sacred messages to fuel your steps and resting periods.

My services are Private Pay (self-pay) only. However, my rates are affordable prices.

Please fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment. You can contact me today at 877-430-3828 or email me at