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Inner Voice/Inner Vision/Inner Wisdom/Inner Power/Inner Guide/Inner Coach

Inner Coaching for Transformational Change is an personal development and coaching program that I designed especially for mindful, creative and holistic women entrepreneurs with a passion and mission to help others. I created this program to help entrepreneurs to release the subconscious barriers that hold them back from success both in life and in business.

Often times entrepreneurs silently feel STUCK, and secretly desire a life of peace, balance, harmony, joy and financial abundance. However, the ‘inner critic’ whose job is to promote self-doubt, keeps you in a state of resistance, uncertainty and fear.

My mission is to help you get unstuck by guiding you through a process of ‘eliminating your inner critic and embracing your inner coach’ so the world benefits from your amazing talents and gifts, now!

Through my program, entrepreneurs are supported in their quest to transform their self-sabotaging thoughts and ineffective belief system through an effective 5 step program where results are seen immediately.

How I’m Qualified to Help You

As an entrepreneur myself who have created business ventures in the past including building a 6 figure business in just a few years on a shoe string budget. I had limited resources, very few connections, and no immediate prospects for customers. I know the struggels that many entrepreneurs face. I too struggled with negative self-talk, self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that tried to create barriers to my success. Fortunately, I released myself from the inner critic. I know how to overcome the pitfalls, both internal and external, that block entrepreneurs from their greatness. Now I want to help others so they don’t have to suffer to find success.

As a counselor and certified hypnotherapist, I use my personal and professional expertise and training to help my clients uncover, reverse, and release negative ideas and beliefs that play over and over in the subconscious mind that hold you back and keep you stuck.

It is unfortunate that self-limiting beliefs prevent tons of business ideas from ever getting off the ground….what a shame!

I can only imagine how many innovative ideas, life altering products, or vital services that are stuck in someone’s head that have yet to manifest.

What great ideas do you have that remain stuck because your Inner Critic has created false barriers that prevent you from bringing forth your talents and unique gifts to the world?

Who Are My Clients?

  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Moms
  • Students
  • Career Women
  • Massage/Body therapist
  • Yoga Instructors/ Studio Owners
  • Reiki/Reflexology Practitioners
  • Holistic Retailers/Holistic Practitioners
  • Health Food/Green Juice/Smoothie Producers
  • Coaches/Speakers
  • Alternative Healers
  • Highly Creative Individuals (visual arts, performing arts, textiles, beadwork, clothing, paper makers, jewerly,etc)
  • Men who also find this coaching program beneficial
  • Anyone who is stuck and feel held back

Why You Need To Do This Now!

Many mindful, creative and holistic entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable selling their products or services and often give them away for free to potential customers out of fear that no one will purchase them. They struggle with setting fees, creating a price structure, and often ‘low ball’ the worth of their product or service.

Although givers by nature, many entrepreneurs like you often suffer from the ‘disease to please’ and don’t know how to say ‘no’ to people.

Their ‘cups ‘are often empty because of their ‘giving’ nature which depletes their own ‘cup’.

My program is designed to help to create a mindset shift which is a fundamental requirement if real change is to be manifested in the entrepreneur’s life. Highly successful athletes, motivational speakers, and entrepreneurs will tell you that change must start from within.

They recommend that you do the internal work to reap the external benefits in your life today!

Lets’ connect today!