Life Coaching

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Overcome Your Inner + Outer Critics; Uncover Your Inner Wisdom + Inner Guide; Develop Your Inner Coach

Greetings, I am Gena, also affectionately called ‘The Inner Coach’ because I help change agents gain courage to defeat their inner and outer critics so they can be a catalyst for possibility and change in the world.

How I’m Qualified to Help You

My graduate and postgraduate studies include social work, racial healing methods, hypnotherapy, neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology-based practices and coaching methods. Additionally, I embody over 25 years of healing practices, energy medicine and female sacred rites of passage initiations that inform who I am and my coaching approach.

Who Are My Clients?

My clients seek me out because they know that I understand that normal levels of self doubt are magnified by chronic battles with systemic bias, racism and sexism. My clients are women of color who want to push through the doors that have been repeatedly closed to them and break through the glass ceiling that has been placed as an artificial barrier to their elevation. My work is aligned with women who are:

  • Change Agents
  • Social/Political Activists
  • Conscious/Spiritual Activist
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Body/Breath Workers
  • Holistic Healers
  • Career Women
  • Coaches/Speakers
  • Creatives

Why You Need To Work With Me Now!

  • To begin the journey to overcome ‘imposter syndrome’
  • To be a champion within your scope of expertise
  • To help others make future possibilities a reality
  • To bring something new into existence
  • To make a difference for good
  • To be an advocate for change

My mission is to help change agents uncover their intrinsic power, defeat imposter syndrome and slay their inner and outer critics that keep them from making impactful changes in the world.

Let’s start your journey to discovering your intrinsic power today!