Myths About Hypnosis

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There are many myths out there and so I understand if you are a little concerned.

Mostly due to Hollywood, stage hypnotist and other entertainment elements of hypnosis, myths have prevailed and the general public has accepted them as truth.

Below are a few common Myths:

Myth #1 “It’s Mind Control”.

Myth Buster: Hypnotherapy is not mind control. If anyone can control your mind, it’s you. Hypnotherapy does not control your mind; it only relaxes you to be more open and receptive to positive suggestions and imagery to reach your personal goals. The hypnotherapist is always checking in with you and doesn’t do or say anything that doesn’t feel right to you.

Myth #2 “I can get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis.”

Myth Buster: No one has ever gotten stuck in hypnosis. You can stop at any time you like. Even if left alone, your natural response will be to awaken. In hypnosis clients tend to be hyper-aware as your senses are sharpened.

Myth #3 “I will be made a fool of myself!”

Myth Busters: Your ego is always intact and so although you will be in a deeply relaxed hypnotic state, you are aware and can choose what you will or will not do. Hypnotherapy is a method used to help you heal, grow and accomplish your goals, it’s not to make you feel foolish or out of control.

Myth #4 “Hypnosis is a truth serum.”

Myth Buster: Even in hypnosis, you have a choice about what you share or not share. You cannot be ‘made’ to say or share what you don’t want to.

Myth #5 “I’m too strong willed, in control of my mind, and too intelligent to be hypnotized.”

Myth Buster: Remember that hypnosis is natural. We all experience a hypnotic state every day when we drive home from work or school and don’t know how we got there; or when an athlete gets in the ‘zone’ when playing a sport; or when we day dream but are still aware of everything going on around us. Strong willed, controlled and intelligent people are ideal for hypnotherapy because they are highly creative, imaginative and have the ability to use focused attention to get results fast.

Myth #6 “Will I enter the sunken place like in the movie ‘Get Out’?”

Myth Buster: In my practice, I encourage you to go within yourself and not into a sunken place. Remember that a trained hypnotherapist wants the best for you. She wants you to heal and not feel sacred or out of control. This is your healing journey and a trained hypnotherapist will never restrain you or force you to do anything you do not want to do.