“I am a firm believer in exploring alternative approaches to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. My hypnotherapy session Ms. Golden was exceptionally profound that should be experienced by anyone desiring deep-rooted healing.

Being an advid participant in several counseling and therapy methods, I came to the session not really knowing what to expect. I arrived with “mediocre” expectations and left with the highest satisfaction marks possible! The whole process was highly organized, professionally conducted, calming and very effective. Little did I know I was preparing to go on a journey of inner-discovery and exploration that tapped places needing a tender, healing touch. And that was what Ms. Golden offered! The most effective part was how she extracted data from me through technical questioning, and later used the answers to affirm exactly what my mind and heart needed to hear!

Thank you so much, Ms. Golden, for this Soul-Satisfying experience and I know you will bless many with your tender-loving care, concern and compassion as you change the world, one Soul at a time! Riches and blessings are yours.”

D. Jones

Independant Contractor

Atlanta, Ga

“I was a little nervous going in, not knowing what exactly to expect. I was made to feel cozy and comfortable, which put me at ease immediately. The memories were so intense, situations I had not thought about in years, I believe they were really stuffed down deep inside my soul. I look forward to continuing this journey with Gena. She has a gentleness that truly facilitates the healing and opening process that are necessary for the work to be done.”

LaSandra R.

Atlanta, Georgia