5 Easy Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Space from Toxic Junk!

Professional helpers, emotional healers, coaches and anyone whose job it is to inspire and heal others need easy ways to clear their spaces and protect themselves from toxic residue left behind after sessions. If you are a social worker, therapist, or coach you may be more vulnerable to the toxic junk that could attach itself to you. The nature of your interactions with clients can cause buried wounds to be opened during soul searching sessions that uncover the things that block clients from fulfilling lives, businesses and relationships. Unfortunately, this energy lingers long after an amazing session with our client has ended. Those of us that are highly sensitive or intuitive may be more susceptible to the presence of heavy energy looming in our emotional bodies and sacred healing spaces. This can be challenging because we need to be fully present with our next client and with our loved ones when we go home. ​So what do we do to protect ourselves and clear our space? Here are some helpful tips found in my research along with what I have done in my own practice as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist.

​Tip 1: Set the intention before client session begins.

Setting your intention sets the tone for your desired outcome. Claiming your desires and then sending good emotional energy to align with the Universe helps to manifest your intentions. Citing or posting affirmative statements, using visualizations, repeating a mantra or saying prayer are all effective ways to set your intention. Sitting on a comfy chair, yoga mat or meditation pillow to center yourself before a session is a good way to get into your flow. You might find it useful to set the intention with your client to inspire a shared vision, strengthen your connection, and to raise your collective vibration to manifest the desired outcome.

​Tip 2: Use tools to protect your space before a session.

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need to protect myself from my clients? Simply put, you are not protecting yourself from your clients. You are protecting your emotional and spiritual self from the toxic energy that is released by toxic words, thoughts and emotions through the exchange with your client. This is part of the healing process and your client is not to be blamed at all. Your client is seeking to be renewed in some way and has chosen you because they trust you to help them resolve what is challenging in their lives. Using tools of protection can be easy and fun. Simply select items that exude peace and harmony in your space. Placing items with healing and protective properties in your space can be aesthetically pleasing while raising the positive vibration in your environment. There are so many items you can use in your space such as candles of protection, protection Incense, healing stones and sacred crystals (clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst crystals, jade, tigers eye), healing jewelry, dream catchers​, himalayan pink salt lamps, prayer beads, essential oils, essential oil diffuser, and soothing music. You may also want to ring a bell, play chimes or use a Tibetan singing bowl to set the tone, clear the space or signal the beginning and ending of your work together. Whatever tool or practice you decide to use or implement, make sure it is meaningful to you.

​Tip 3: Clear or cleanse your space after your session.

It is not your client’s intention to drop their “stuff” on you. It is however, what happens when someone is healing. For example, when a wound is healing, it forms an ugly scab that eventually falls off.It is left behind for someone to clean up and discard. As helping professionals and emotional healers you are left with those hideous scabs that are the aftermath of a healing wound. But you do not need surgical tools or caustic chemicals to cleanse the space left behind by the healed wound. Instead, all you need is a few minutes to cleanse and clear your space for your next client using items like healing Incense, or Sage Spray water. If time permits, take deep, cleansing breathes while visualizing yourself releasing any leftover emotions from the session. Ringing chimes or bells after your session also releases the toxic energy and clears the way. If you have a longer stretch of time, you may want to smudge yourself and your space , do a quick energy healing session on yourself, meditate, take a walk outdoors, or do more visualization and prayer.

​Tip 4: Nourish your body, mind and spirit.

With all that you do, making time to nourish your body, mind and spirit can easily take a back seat to your mission to empower your clients. I know you have heard it before, but taking care of yourself should be a priority. When you are depleted, you are much more vulnerable to toxic waste attracting and attaching itself to you (believe me, I’ve been there!). Reading a good book, surrounding yourself with plants, beautiful wall art or simply being mindful of your water intake are small steps to a healthy lifestyle. Water helps to flush out any toxicity in the body and blood. You may want to carry along a water diffusers with crystals for internal energy healing work. Drinking herbal tea, such as green tea​ is another great way to hydrate your body and increase the antioxidants in your body. Always aim to increase your energy, balance your mood, and promote vitality to be your best self for you and your clients.

​Tip 5: Show gratitude and give thanks.

Showing gratitude to your clients, to yourself and most importantly to your spiritual source. This has shown to be an essential ingredient to your continual protection. After your sessions give thanks by sending up a little prayer or your can do a little celebratory dance, or rejoice after a successful session with your client. Before bed, try writing in your gratitude journal. Acknowledging what you are grateful for has shown to invite more positive experiences into our lives. Finally, it goes without saying that everyone’s spiritual beliefs are unique to them. Whether you get your spiritual support and protection from God, the Universe, Mother Nature, angels, spirit guides or No-Thing at all, it really doesn’t matter. Just be thankful for the gift that has been bestowed upon you to helper others be, do and feel better than before. I hope you found these tips helpful for the clearing and protection from toxic energies that weigh heavily on our minds, bodies and spirits. ​Gena Golden, MSW, LCSW, CHt Inner Coach Counseling, Inc www.innercoachhypnotherapy.com ​You can purchase the items by clicking the links in this article. Additioanlly, I may get a commission when you click my links.