How Healing Resembles The Stock Market

We can learn much from the stock market regarding our healing journey. 

As a therapist and a stock investor, the stock market has given me a few life lessons.

I've learned that financial markets rarely travel in a straight line and neither does your healing journey. 

In life, as in the stock market, it moves in one (1) of three (3) directions -  up, down, or sideways (plateauing). There are times of positive momentum, and at other times there are reversals and pullbacks (in stock terms, this is a temporary reversal against a trend in financial markets). 

In both life and in the stock market, we are given red and green flags that provide signals, patterns, and indicators that inform us to move a certain way, change directions, stop, hold onto our assets or sit on our hands for now. 

Healing is never easy, and playing the stock market is a good example of how we can and will experience a few setbacks and even losses along the way.  But as long as the overall trend is going in the right direction, your wins will outnumber your losses and eventually, if you stay the course you’ll reap a great return on your investment.

So don’t give up when those downtrends happen in your life because they are inevitable. But, like the stock market, financial downtrends are only temporary, and eventually, they turn around paying your earned dividends.